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Plane & Pilot Launches Membership Program

For readers who want to take the experience to the next level and support the work we do while you’re at it, our new program has lots to offer.

Plane & Pilot Membership
Plane & Pilot Membership

As those of you who read Plane & Pilot know, we proudly deliver some great content, much of it unlike anything you will find anywhere else in aviation. What makes us special? I think it’s the combination of our independent voice, an unbridled love of flying that shines through in our stories, a serious and practical approach to cutting risk in what we do, and an abashed love for awesome technology. Then couple all of that with great photography and really fun content, and  you get a magazine and a brand that climbs high above the noise. And we are honored that so many of you think so too, as evidenced by your undying support, which is reflected over the past year in record readership, with some numbers that surpass even those of some older, more staid and traditional brands.

With this as a backdrop, we are also proud to announce a brand new membership program that will give to you, in the form of an impressive list of benefits, such as online access to all of our content, free entries to our growingly popular contests, discount programs with our partners and much more, with more to come. I won’t go into the list of benefits or the levels of membership, but I’d encourage you to check it out here.

Thanks again for reading Plane & Pilot and for supporting the growth of a brand that you’ve known for a long time and which today is growing to new heights, all thanks to you.


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