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This is What Ski Flying Looks Like. We Vote Yes!

The camera angle of the snow and the skis and the mystery plane is just perfect.


This week’s Video of The Week, via Ethan Brodsky on Facebook, shows a great view of what ski flying looks like. Ethan shared this video of his first ski flying of the year, with a perfect coating of the good powdery stuff on the runway at a local farm field.

As far as the plane is concerned, well, we were stumped, too. The super wide-angle lens doesn’t help, but we can’t blame it on that. The plane is a Wag-A-Bond Traveler, a plans-built homebuilt from Wag-Aero that’s a replica of the Piper PA-15 Vagabond. 

But the big attraction is the flying itself and the great video. Thanks, Ethan!


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